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The Jugheads!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Let me also send Props out to my lifelong friend Jughead.

It seems amazing, but it’s true, Jug and I have been friends since the crib.


And even though we live in different cities and our lives have taken us in different directions we are still as close as ever!

I’m trying my best to get Jughead to Fantasy Camp in 2008.

He’s got a live arm.

Movement on his fastball.

He hits for power.

And average.

And he’s got great wheels.

Best of all, he’ll be a great teammate and a lot of fun!


Jughead and Yogi!

On Sunday, some of the other Jugheads came along, too!

The Jugheads!  Rip Kalkan, Hisself, And Sydney Rose!

A great time was had by all!

Miss you already!


Yogi: Giving Thanks!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

It’s Time for your pal Yogi to give Thanks where Thanks are due.

First, let me thank Danny "Mr. Hospitality" Kaplan, General Manager of the Westin St. Louis Hotel.

Across The Street From The Ballpark!

Danny is a Star in his field and I know that wherever he goes he is going to do great things.

The Westin St. Louis is a great property where the customer comes first and I can assure you there is no better place to stay when visiting St. Louis.

Thanks again Dan!


I must also thank the good people at United Airlines.


These days the airlines get a lot of bad press and I know that many travelers find it frustrating at times with delays, cancellations, etc.

Yesterday, my flight from St. Louis to Chicago was delayed possibly 4 or more hours due to mechanical, weather, and crew problems (there were bad storms over much of the country yesterday disrupting flights nationally.) In fact, they couldn’t be sure we would even leave until today!

The United representatives at the gate and on the phone where kind, concerned, and did everything in their power to re-book as many people as possible.

As it turns out, they did something even better: United found a "reserve" plane from another airlines,  as well as a crew, and got us out of St. Louis only an hour or so late.

Well done!

St. Louis and Vegas! Yogi’s Back! Check This Out!

I know the question that has again been on your mind:

"Where has Yogi been?"

And thanks to all of you for your kind emails, letting me know that you check the site here daily and that you have enjoyed the goings-on at YogiBrewer!

Me too, then.



And wow.

What a busy last five days.

Saturday and Sunday I was in St. Louis. Monday and Tuesday I was in Las Vegas, having returned home on the Red-eye.

Note to Self: Stay the extra night and take the early flight home. The Red-eye is retarded.

Anyway, back to St. Louis:

I stayed at the Westin Hotel, directly across the street from the New Busch Stadium (and Special Thanks to Mr. Danny Kaplan, the General Manager there for taking such great care of me.) That’s the Westin Hotel in the foreground of the photo. From my room on the fifth floor I could see the grass of the infield!

Home of the Cardinals!

It is an amazing ball park. 

Interestingly, many of the Cardinals fans with whom I spoke say that they were sorry to see the old ball park go. As far as the old, concrete-bowl, style parks goes, most say they really liked it.
Forblog742692_1Old School!

One of the things I heard repeatedly was that in the old stadium the sight-lines were good from pretty much everywhere. I think the above photo gives you a sense of that.

While there I had the chance to visit the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, which also sits across the street from the ball park. One of the cool things there is fairly large collection of impressive St. Louis Cardinals memorabilia. If you’re in St. Louis, check it out!


No, really. Check it out!

And then it was on on to Las Vegas!


Las Vegas, Baby!

As far as anyone can tell the trip to Las Vegas was a success.


I had a dinner meeting on Monday and was in meetings all day Tuesday, but still had time at the end of the day to grab drinks and dinner at Olives at the Bellagio Hotel (and sat, yet again, at table 30!)

A good time was had by all.

By the way, the last time I was in Vegas (December ’06) I took the Grammie and two of my sisters there for a brief holiday. The Grammie really wanted to see Howie Mandel (don’t ask me why.)


Howie. Who knew?

I had never seen or even really heard him, or of him before that night.

Let me tell, he was funny.

In fact, he showed a movie of him "goofing" on some patrons at a Supercuts that was I think the funniest thing I had ever seen.


I don’t recall ever laughing so hard in my whole life.


So, next time in Las Vegas, you might want to check Mr. Mandel’s act out. The YouTube clip shows how weird the guy is, but at times he’s just plain funny. Weird, but funny.

Just sayin’.


Now in all that time did I get to watch the Brewers play?



No, sadly I missed Monday and Tuesday’s Brewers games live, but because of the miracle that is mlb.com, I was able to watch the games archived on the Internet.

And yes, Dear Friends and loyal readers, Yogi’s insightful commentary will follow.


On Friday, the Beautiful Butterfly (aka, The World’s Cutest Brewers Fan) and I will be heading to San  Diego for the weekend, and yes, we will be at PetCo Park on Sunday to see the Brewers-Padres play!

In the meantime I can honestly say it’s great to be home, even if it’s only for two nights.

Thanks again for all of your input and enthusiasm for the site.

And yes, please do keep the comments coming.


Until then…

Be well.

Where in the World is Yogi?

So, where was I?

Good question.

It all began Mother’s Day weekend.

“The Grammie” as she is lovingly known came for a visit from sunny California.

(NB: The Grammie as she is especially known to her grandchildren, is also known as GiGi to her great-grandchildren, as well as Miss Gloria to her only son, Yogi.)

Saturday was spent at Arlington Park International Race Track, in the Million Room, sitting a table for eight at the window.

Very nice.

Then it was off to dinner and drinks at The Grammie’s favorite Italian restaurant Francesca’s Intimo in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Sunday was spent hard at work battling every known creeping grass, weed, and lawn invader as well as mowing the 2-acres of lawn at Casa Yogi.

And Monday was spent hard at work preparing for this latest trip from Chicago to Sacramento, then Visalia, then Fresno, California for 5 lectures in two days plus over 500 miles of driving.
Sacramento’s Tower Bridge


Fresno: Raisin Capital of the World!


Naval Air Station Lemoore

(Hit the Link and Check Out Our Real Heroes!)

I love those guys.

True Story:

About three years ago I gave a lecture to the Navy docs at Lemoore, at the Station’s hospital. One of the flight docs knew I had an interest in aviation medicine and the military and got me into the OPS site of the Station!

I visited the VFA-125 (they currently aren’t stationed there now), met the CO, some of the pilots and crew.

When you leave the squadron HQ which is a very nondescript cinder-block building and exit to the hangars, above the door that you pass through is a sign that reads:

"Through these doors lie the best maintained and most lethal aircraft in the world."


Amen to that Brother. Amen.

Yesterday I flew from Fresno to LA, then LA Chicago (BTW, I passed over The Grammie’s house at 38,000 feet and could actually see with a very close approximation her actual house. Neat.)

Tomorrow it’s off to St. Louis for two nights.

Then on Monday it’s off to Las Vegas for two nights.

Then next Friday, it’s off to San Diego where on Saturday, May 26 Butterfly (The World’s Cutest Brewers Fan) and I will be seeing the Brewers play the Padres at PetCo park. The first of hopefully several road trips to see the Brewers.

All told, by the end of May I will have flown over 50,000 miles this year and well on my way to another 100,000+ year of flying.


You have my word Dear Reader and fellow Brewers fan that I will do my utmost to keep you informed of all things Brewers and to do everything in my power to see at least one inning of the Crew to help insure a Milwaukee victory!

As it is becoming increasing clear that I may indeed be the Official Brewers Good Luck Charm.

Starting tonight.

I’ll be there.

Will you?


I hope so!

Until then…