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The Program! An Update! Get Some!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Many of you have written and asked me what has become of The Program, now that I am on the Disabled List.

Good question.

To be honest, it has been very difficult for me not being able to lift, run, swim, throw, bat, and do all of the “hard-core” and intensive training that I had grown so accustomed.

At this time I am still only able to use my lightweight bands and 3-10 pound weights to rehabilitate my arm and shoulder.


But I have been helping the Beautiful Butterfly train and the results of her working The Program have been fantastic!

This past week I ordered and received this The JC Exercise Band and DVD!



It Makes Me Want to Get Some!

This weekend Butterfly will try it out.






Progress To Report! PLUS: G. Makes A Great Call!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!


Thanks again to all of you who have written or asked about my progress.

Yesterday I saw my physical therapist and he gave me both good and bad news.

The Good: Progress! There is evidence that some of the muscles are beginning to respond to the therapy and I’ve been given two new exercises to do.

The Bad: There is persistent weakness and its distribution is more widespread than originally discussed.

I’ll focus on the Good.

My new best friends.

2-lb weights.


But it’s Progress!

And I am Grateful.


And let your pal Yogi give out Props where they are due.

You Loyal Readers will remember when I gave some grief to G. for his call that Kerry Wood would make it back to the Cubs this year.


My bad, G.

How’s tomorrow look for you?

Cubs manager Lou Piniella said he plans to use Kerry Wood in the middle innings at first when the right-hander is activated from the disabled list and joins the bullpen.

That’s expected to happen as early as Thursday, after the
injury-plagued former All-Star completed a strong 1 2/3-inning test for
Class AA Tennessee on Tuesday night. If his surgically repaired
shoulder feels fine today, he’s expected to be ready to pitch by this
weekend’s series against the New York Mets.


And by the way, is Kerry Wood on some sort of starvation diet?

He looks like a famine victim.

Just sayin’.


Injury Report! Yogi On The DL! Sheeter, Too!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!


The injury report is disappointing.

Your pal Yogi has been placed on the DL!

If you recall, I was in a bad car crash some 12 days ago, and following the crash, within a day or so, I thought my arm felt weak.

Well, it is.


No baseball. No weight lifting. No kettlebell. No tennis. No golf. No push-ups. No pull-ups. No boxing. No swimming.


I am allowed to run, bike, do sit-ups, and do my shoulder exercises with a rubber band or a 3 lb. weight.


When asked if I would be able to play in the Reunion Game on September 6 at Miller Park, my therapist who is very talented and experienced, having been both the physical therapist and one of the athletic trainers for a nearby NFL team, answered, "It might happen."

Yogi: "Might?"

Trainer: "It is what it is."


Of course, I’m having trouble lifting the spoon to my mouth with which to eat a yogurt, so, maybe he’s right.

In other injury news, Ben Sheets has been put on the 4-6 week DL after ultrasonographers using a super-top-secret transducer, were able to demonstrate a tearing injury of the tissue surrounding a tendon no bigger than a string (at best).

Allow me to quote:

A second test confirmed that Sheets has a slight tear to tissue surrounding the tendon that controls the finger’s motion.

What is the echogenecity of a slight tear to the tissue that surrounds the tendon?

How does one even insonnate a tendon?

Or its sheath?

Who writes this stuff?

Just askin’.

Here’s hoping that Sheeter gets back on the field at Miller Park real soon.

And your pal Yogi, too!

Certainly before September 6!

Get Wet! Go Swim!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Welcome Back to Your Favorite Brewers Blog!

Many of you have written and asked me if in addition to weights (including the kettlebell and body-weight) and running, if I do any other sports for fitness.

Well, in fact, I do.

Today, for example, I went for a swim.

Now admittedly, I only learned to swim to swim 4 years ago and I don’t do it often enough but it does add a lot to the Program and I always feel great afterwards.

First and foremost even if you swim regularly (and are not an expert swimmer) you should get this:


This DVD provides the viewer with excellent and easy to follow instructions allowing you to build your stoke quickly and effectively.

If you already are a good swimmer, check out the Go Swim Website and Store.

They have lots of different products that might suit your needs.

And whether you’re a novice or expert, be sure to pick up a pair of Zoomer Fins.


Zoomer Fins will keep in you in the pool longer and build better leg strength than without them.

Go to Zoomers where not only can you buy some fins, but there is plenty of useful information on technique and training.

I also use a pair of these:

Speedo Hand Paddles.

Hand paddles come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. I’m not sure there is much difference to them other than personal preference. Check them out here at Speedo USA.

Lastly, Dr. Zach swims with one of these:

It’s called  a dry snorkel and it’s made by Mojave.

I find swimming with a snorkel a little weird but  Dr. Z swears by it!

I hope that’s helpful!

Now get out there!

Get Wet!



The Only Weighted Exercise You Will Ever Have To Do! – Do It Today!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Let me tell you about an amazing exercise, something Sensei Dominik taught me and something that I know you’ll enjoy, too!

First , let me introduce you to the Kettlebell.


Say Hello To Your New Best Friend.

This my Friends is the only weight you’ll ever need.



These are the foundations of any home workout. So much so, that if all you ever did were these three, you would be doing just fine.

Of course, you could change the push-ups to Hindu push-ups, and add Hindu squats and pull-ups (or chin-ups), and you would nearly have a total-body workout.

But add the Kettlebell and Look OUT!

Click Here to see a brief explanation of what the Kettlebell is.

And this is the exercise that you need to learn.

The Turkish Get-Up.

It Is Harder Than It Looks.

Click Here for another video on the Turkish Get Up.

And lastly, here is another look at how to do the Turkish Get Up.

Go out and get your very own kettlebell today!


Getting Ready For The Heroes Run! You Can Do It Too!

Brewer Fans and Loyal Readers!

I know many of you have been wondering, "Hey Yogi! We haven’t heard about The Program in quite a while!"

"What’s Up With That?"

Good Question!

I have had a couple of excellent work outs but much of my routine was disrupted by a terrible storm that produced extensive damage to several of my neighbors homes (and I spent my free time helping with the clean-up) as well as a lot travel and work.

Today I worked out with my good friend Dr. Zach who has now recorded a loss of almost 45 lbs. working The Program!

Congratulations Zach!

Zach also shot a 41 on the front-9 last week (this from a gut who only took-up golf 3 years ago!)

And as you may recall I will be running at the Heroes Run,  my first 5K in almost 10 years and I have just confirmed that my good pal and yours Dr, Jack Ohringer will be running with me!

So in an attempt to improve my VO2max Sensei Dominik has devised some new workouts for me.

This is the work out Zach and I did today, this was my second time doing it, it’s hard and fun!

400m Run – 2 minutes or less (8 minute mile pace)

21 – Box Jumps 12-inch platform
21 – Kipping Pull-ups
9 –  Wall Ball Toss  -9 ft with 16 lb. Medicine Ball
9 –  Hanging Knees to Elbows

600m Run – 2 minutes or less (8 minute mile pace)

15 – Box Jumps
15- Kipping Pull-ups
15-  Wall Ball Toss -9 ft with 16 lb. Medicine Ball
15-  Hanging Knees to Elbows

800m Run – 2 minutes or less (8 minute mile pace)

9- Box Jumps
9- Kipping Pull-ups
21-  Wall Ball Toss -9 ft with 16 lb. Medicine Ball
21-  Hanging Knees to Elbows

Time to complete: 37 minutes

The hardest part of this work out was the Hanging Knees to Elbows at the end.


And for those of you who think it’s impossible to do a Kipping Pull-up, check this out!

If Julie Can Do It, You Can Too!

And here is a sad and beautiful tribute to Marine Major Megan McClung.

Major McClung was killed alongside U.S. Army Captain Travis Patriquin and Army Gunner Vincent VJ Pomante. All three were killed on December 06, 2006 in Ramadi by a roadside bomb.

The Heroes Run was organized to benefit the Travis Patriquin Family Memorial Fund and the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund.

Major Megan McClung

Freedom Isn’t Free.

The Program: What is it? Yogi Tells You!

I’ve recently received some emails lately asking me more about “The Program.”

What is it?

Where did it come from?

How can the readers start theirs?

Good questions all.

Here goes:

The Program is what I call my attempt to maintain a physically fit and healthy lifestyle.

I developed The Program over several years mostly in response to many more years of struggling to stay active while practicing medicine as well as a way to recover from a serious childhood injury, and lastly as a way to get ready for my first Brewers Fantasy Camp.

The key to developing your own Program is to start it today and work it every day.

Time’s Arrow moves in one direction and as we get older the effects of injury, inactivity, and deconditioning prove to be much more difficult to overcome than was the case when we were in our primes.

As you Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans know I have been on the road for most of the last two weeks, replete with 3AM wake-up calls, 6AM flights, hours upon hours of sitting on planes, driving hundreds of miles, eating and sleeping away from home, and spending entire days working. And during that time I had only one workout.


Yesterday I was home for the whole day for the first time in almost two weeks. And while still somewhat sleep deprived I managed to get to the gym.

In such a short time off I found that everything in my workout suffered.

I felt weak and tired.


But I managed to do something.

Here: My back-to-workout workout:

Bench Press 155lbs: Time-under-Tension: 2 full counts down-2 full counts up until exhaustion, 3 sets

100 sit-ups partitioned as necessary

100 throws of Wall-Ball using 15-lb medicine ball

Total Time: 22 minutes.

Wall Ball Demonstration Video

Remember those photos of Yogi doing pull-ups on tree limbs, doing squats, and dead lifts, and cleans, and split-leg jerks, and…

No way.

Not yesterday.

This morning before I left for the airport I split some wood.

(No really, I did.)

Later today at the hotel I will do push-ups, and sit-ups, and Hindu squats.



The point in developing and working your Program is that the body needs to move. Your body wants to move.

And remarkably your body will respond favorably to exercise.

A little at a time.

And then add some more.

Do different things everyday.

Routine is the Enemy.

Get out your glove and throw a ball.

Get out your bat and take a few swings.

Stretch: try to touch your toes,; do arm circles, do short sprints for 30 yards at 50% of your top speed, do something!

If you can’t do a push-up, do a modified push-up from your knees.

Or if you can only do five push-ups, do five and then do as many as you can from your knees.


And repeat.

There are so many great resources to use.

Here are the ones I primarily use now:

Ross Training
Men’s Health
Cross Fit
Abs Diet

So get out there!

Work out today.

Do something.

Do anything.

But do it everyday.

I know it’s hard.

But it’s simple.


Until then…

Be well.