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Where Are The Brewers Now?

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!


Let’s take a look at the standings:

 Chi Cubs 15 7 .682 — 
 St. Louis 14 9 .609 1.5 
 Milwaukee 13 9 .591 2.0 
 Houston 11 12 .478 4.5 
 Pittsburgh 9 13 .409 6.0 
 Cincinnati 9 14 .391 6.5 

Your pal Yogi’s pre-season pick was that the Brewers would finish 3rd in the NL Central.

Right now I don’t see how that will change all that much.

The Cubs are certainly the team to beat and I’m not sure the Cardinals are for real, but they know how to win and their pitching isn’t yet at full strength, so I still have them ahead of the Brewers.

The Brewers have yet to show that they can consistently hit for power or average. Their defense is better than last year, but they still seem to make too many errors in judgment, whether at the plate, in the field, or on the bases.

Good starting pitching.

Relief that sparkles at times.

Closers that cannot be consistently relied upon.

Did you see today’s game?

You know what I’m talking about.

All in all it’s a fair start.

More needs to be done.

Stay tuned.


Yogi Looks Into The Future! What Lies Ahead!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!


Let’s Look Into the Future!

Now that the Magic Number has been unveiled, let’s take a look at the remaining schedules of the three contenders in the NL Central: Brewers, Cubs, and Cardinals.

The Good News: The Brewers have 10 remaining home games, so too the Cardinals, but only 7 for the Cubs.

The Bad News: The Brewers by far have the toughest schedule having to play 4 games at Atlanta and finishing with 4 games at home against the playoff hopeful Padres.

The schedule is complicated because the Cubs and Cardinals have 5 remaining games with each other. The Brewers have only 3 remaining games with the Cards and none remaining with the Cubs.

Also, the Cards do have to play 3 against a determined and playoff hopeful Phillies team, and one remaining with the Mets.

It seems the Cubs have the easiest of the remaining schedules, but they have 6 remaining against the Reds and 3 against the Pirates, against neither of which the Cubs have played well this year.

So Yogi, what does any of this mean?

Good question.

I will say this, the Brewers have the best record at home of any team in the National League.

The fact that they have more games at home than the Cubs bodes well for the Crew.

Having said that, if the Brewers find themselves on top of the NL Central come October 1, they will have earned it.


Beating out not only the Cards and Cubs, but doing it having played Atlanta and San Diego will have been a real feat.

No matter what, it’s gonna’ be exciting!

Just sayin’.

Some Simple Questions! Hard Answers!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!


Time to dust off your Crystal Ball!

1) What is with the Brewers swinging at high strikes?

2) When was the last time Johnny Estrada threw a runner out stealing second?

3) How would you like to see A.J. Pierzynski play for the Brewers?

4) How bad must Tony Gwynn, Jr. be if he hasn’t been called up despite all of the trouble this team has been having stealing bases and lacking speed on the bases?

5) Will Chris Capuano be back as a Brewer next year?

6) Will Geoff Jenkins be back as a Brewer next year?

7) Will Gabe Gross be back as a Brewer next year?

8) Will Johnny Estrada or Damian Miller be back as a Brewer next year?

(Can you spot a theme here?)

10) Am I the only one who thinks this commercial is hilarious?

11) Or this one?

12) Why doesn’t JJ Hardy have a single stolen base this year?

13) Is there a reason the Brewers simply do not draw walks?

Just askin’.

Yoig’s Back! This Time For Good! PLUS: Zombies! PLUS: Cappy Moves to Pen

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Welcome Back to Yogi Brewer’s Blog!

Again, my apologies.

The last week was C*R*A*Z*Y!

But good.

All in all, things are looking up.

And how about ‘dem Brewers!

At first, it looked like it was all over.

That Zombies had eaten the Brewers’ brains.



As your pal Yogi has been saying since the beginning of the season, every game counts, every pitch, every swing, every play counts.

And it’s no different now.

As for your pal Yogi, things around here will be a little different.

Shorter posts.

More of them.

I think you’ll like it.

And if you don’t, let me know.

So let me start with this:


Chris Capuano’s demotion long overdue.

You don’t say.

"I’m not replacing him," Yost said, explaining that he was skipping
Capuano’s turn and would play it by ear after that while hoping injured
ace Ben Sheets returns soon.

Isn’t that just like Yost?
Capuano goes 0-10 with a 6.70 ERA in his last 16 starts, and the
Brewers go 0-16 in those starts, and Yost still can’t come right out
and say Capuano has been demoted.

No, Ned can’t say it.

But that’s a story for another day.

For now, let’s hope that this is the first many needed changes in the line-up.

Just sayin’.

Yogi’s Back! 1982 ACLS Champs Honored!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Welcome Back to Your Favorite Brewers Blog!

Your pal Yogi is back!

Ok, so where was I?

Don’t ask!

If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.

And thanks to all of you who wrote and expressed your concern but let me assure your pal Yogi is just fine.

Enough of that.

Did you see the introductions tonight of the 1982 ALCS Champs?




Let me tell you something.

How would you like to play six days of baseball with Charlie Moore, Don Money, Cecil Cooper, Jim Gantner, Gorman Thomas, Pete Ladd, Ben Ogilvy, Jerry Augustine, Moose Haas, Dale Svuem?

Sound good?

You’re darn right it’s good.

It’s flippin’ unbelievable.


And there are left than half of the spots left.

Sign up.

Do it.

You will not be disappointed.



Yogi: Flips His Lid! – Yankees’ Bling! Splat! Money! And More!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Let’s be honest.

It’s not always easy being a Brewers Fan.

One of the things that makes being a fan fun is being able to wear team gear.

When I was a kid there were virtually no team t-shirts, nobody had a team jersey, (heck, where could you even buy one?) and there was essentially only one team hat and that was the cheap cotton version, nobody had an "official" wool cap with the eight strings on the brim.

Today things are completely different.

Go to Miller Park and seemingly every one is in some kind of Brewers gear or another.

And not wanting to seem ungrateful, but the choices offered to Brewers Fans (or Rockies Fans, or D-Backs Fans, or Royals Fans) seem like pretty thin pickin’s.

For every 10 or 20 new Rox hats, or Cubs t-shirts, or Dodgers gear, there may be one new Brewers cap.

So today when reading about A-Rods 500th home run, there is a link at MLB.com to "shop for A-Rod" gear.

Curious, I went to the Yankees section at shop.mlb.com.

And then I saw these:






Um, yeah.

I don’t feel so bad anymore.

I think I’ll stick with what I got.


Just sayin’.