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Pitchers and Catchers! Oh My!

Dear Readers and Friends,

Welcome Back to Your Favorite Brewers Blog!

As promised I said I would start talking Brewers baseball right away.

But first…


Thanks to The Colonel, Snoopy, and Neuman, for sending their regards as they are jettisoning off to Arizona and the 2008 Brewers Fantasy Camp!

I’ll miss you guys, that’s for sure.

And for you readers, I hope to have photos and updates soon!

So, it’s roughly 10 days before the pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training.


And catchers.

For now, I’ll stick to the pitchers, and more to the point, closers.

Most notable in this group is the addition of a new closer:


Eric Gagne.



6.75 ERA



$10 million.

Um, why?

A post-HGH poster boy for what happens when you stop the juice and you find you can’t pitch anymore.

And The Most Exciting Man in Baseball!


My sources told me that there was going to be a Brewer found to have tested positive for banned substances. I cannot reveal the source nor can I reveal which Brewer was implicated but it was not Derrick Turnbow.

The Most Exciting Man in Baseball!

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again.

I like Derrick.

I do.

And I know the team likes him.

Getting busted for HGH at the Olympics is a far-cry from testing positive while playing in the last three seasons.

There is the belief of some that Derrick will never amount to anything more than he already has, an talented, but inconsistent and unreliable pitcher.

I disagree.

Derrick Turnbow has an uncommon wealth of natural talent that has yet been fully harnessed, and once he does, he may yet be one of the great closers in baseball.

Further, Derrick has done yeoman’s work in the bullpen.

Yes, he has had spectacular blow-ups, but he gets the job done most of the time and for this team, it’s more than enough.

Just sayin’.

(Hat tip to The Looper for the Gagne Pic!)


Birthday Wishes!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Join your pal Yogi in wishing our good pal Bill Schroeder

Happy Birthday!


‘Atta boy Rock!

Many Happy Returns!

Just sayin’.

Campers Take The Field!

Having seen so many stinkers this year you would think that watching the Brewers shellac the Astros would be great.

Yes and no.


For me the real excitement Wednesday night was seeing my fellow campers.

It is hard to describe but once having gone to Brewers Fantasy Camp, the guys you meet there seem like old friends.

I know that sounds corny, or saccharine, but it’s true.

And yes, I was disappointed in missing my chance to tip my cap to
the crowd, but in many ways Wednesday night, and yesterday, have been emblematic
of what’s going in my life right now.

As yesterday was the day that the campers got to take the field and play at Miller Park.

To say that I had been looking forward to that day would be an incalculable understatement.

You loyal readers know that for the last several months your pal
Yogi has been fanatical in his devotion to getting ready to play.

Until, that is, the accident of July 6.

Although I had made some progress, I had suffered a terrible set
back last week. My arm became as weak as it was soon after the accident.

So yesterday, I suited up but did not play.



Did I have a great time?

Yes, again.

For I did get to experience the amazing camaraderie and friendship
of my fellow campers, and in the end, the day turned out to still be as
great as I could have hoped.



Just scroll and see for yourselves. Click on all images to enlarge.

Img_0902 Img_0904_1

Img_0906_1 Img_0909_2



Img_0917  Img_0928

Img_0931 Img_0926

Img_0923 Img_0920

Img_0916  Img_0922





I have to find a way back to play.

Just sayin’.

Reunion Game! Fantasy Camp! Warrior Spirit!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Over the weekend Butterfly and I were in San Francisco and yes, we were at the game Saturday.

Great seats (Sec. 113, Row B, Seats 1 & 2.)

Terrible game.

After the game we got a chance to meet up with Rock.

There are over 60 guys already signed up for 2008 Fantasy Camp and after the Potawatomi drawing that number will definitely rise (as the losers will then be forced to sign up.)

In truth, the accident took much more out of me than I originally had realized.

Leave it to Rock, he held out a spot for me at the Reunion Game September 6.

What a class-act.

I won’t be able to play center field or throw, but I may yet be able to play first-base and maybe will be able to bat (that’s up in there air right now.)


As for Fantasy Camp, everyone who knows me, and for all of you Loyal Readers can surmise, I will do everything possible to get back into playing shape but it seems like a long way away for me.

And yes, not being able to lift, or run, or play golf, or tennis, or swim, or throw, or bat is driving me crazy.

Warrior Spirit.

Must not lose it.


I’ll see you guys on Wednesday!

Thanks Rock!

Yogi’s Back! 1982 ACLS Champs Honored!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Welcome Back to Your Favorite Brewers Blog!

Your pal Yogi is back!

Ok, so where was I?

Don’t ask!

If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.

And thanks to all of you who wrote and expressed your concern but let me assure your pal Yogi is just fine.

Enough of that.

Did you see the introductions tonight of the 1982 ALCS Champs?




Let me tell you something.

How would you like to play six days of baseball with Charlie Moore, Don Money, Cecil Cooper, Jim Gantner, Gorman Thomas, Pete Ladd, Ben Ogilvy, Jerry Augustine, Moose Haas, Dale Svuem?

Sound good?

You’re darn right it’s good.

It’s flippin’ unbelievable.


And there are left than half of the spots left.

Sign up.

Do it.

You will not be disappointed.



Mail Bag! PLUS: A True Story!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!


We’ve Got Mail!

Yesterday, I told you about one of two remarkable emails I received.

Let me tell you about the second.

But first, a True Story.


My first Brewers Fantasy Camp was in 2006.

It was also the first Camp for a guy named Rick.

His words: "I received the gift of my life when my wife Amy, family, and friends chipped in to send me to the 2006 Milwaukee Brewers Fantasy Camp for my 40th birthday – I couldn’t believe it!"

For Rick who grew up a Brewers fan, seeing all of the former Brewers greats and being in the Brewers locker room was "a dream come true."


Camp for Rick started out well until Wednesday (the third day of play) when while diving for a ball, (something that Rick new might be trouble) he landed on his arm, dislocated his shoulder and broke his arm at the humeral head.

Now let me tell you, I have experienced a "long bone" fracture, in my case it was a comminuted displaced tibial fracture.

And it hurts.

A lot.

It hurts so much that you cannot tolerate it for a moment.

And you want to scream.

And you do scream.

Or you pass out.

And wake up, only to pass out again.

Long bone fracture.

It hurts.

Back to Rick.

Humeral neck fracture: it’s a bad way to break your arm.

Very bad.

When he hit the ground he new he was done.

Coaches, trainers, players, his wife Amy, all rushed to Rick’s side.

He was calm.

And collected.

Rick did not complain.

Not once.

Taken to a hospital he waited.

For a day.

No surgery.

And then another day.

No surgery.

No food.

He did not complain.

Not wanting to wait the weekend without surgery, Rick returned to Camp with the intent of returning to Wisconsin for surgery.

Oh, and the good news?

Rick’s team won the tournament.

And at the Awards Banquet, Rick got a well-deserved standing ovation.

A more Brave or Courageous performance I have never seen.


Fast Forward to 2007.

Rick returns to Camp.

He plays little, still recovering from his injuries.

But he dresses for play.

He and Amy write a daily "newspaper" for the Fantasy Camp including photos from play, statistics, and all the administrative information needed to make Camp run perfectly.

He does not complain.

He is always in a good mood.

And at the end of Camp, Rick and Amy (both) receive well-deserved standing ovations  at the Awards Banquet.


So what was in the letter?

Rick wrote to me to say he was sorry to hear about my arm, told me he knows how hard rehab can be, wished that the Brewers had more than a 2-game lead, and that he would see me at the Reunion Game.

No better teammate could you find.


And I am humbled.

Thanks Rick!

See you September 6!


UPDATE: 2008 Fantasy Camp Filling Up! – Also: Mark Your Calenders For Renunion Game! – PLUS: We Need Players For The Old School Wood Bat Tournament!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Your pal Yogi has an important UPDATE on the 2008 Milwaukee Brewers Fantasy Camp.


I emailed Bill Schroeder today and asked him how many people have already signed up for the 2008 camp?

Rock emailed back me today with the answer:


The 2008 Fantasy Camp will likely have around 84 campers (give or take) which means that there are only 32 slots left!

So if you’re interested in attending, you better get on it!

Also as a reminder, the Reunion Game will be played on Thursday, September 6, 2007, at Miller Park and I believe the on-field introductions will be made on Wednesday, September 5, during the game against the Houston Astros.

If you haven’t already started throwing, running, and taking some swings, it’s time to get started soon!

And lastly, we have only 5 guys committed to play in the Dave Henderson Old School Wood Bat Tournament.


Click Here to Read More About It!

Come On!

We Need To Represent!

Contact me for more info.

Just sayin’.

Until then…