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What Would We Do Without Experts? PLUS: Care For The Afflicted!

What would we do without experts?

ESPN’s Baseball Expert, Tim Kurkjian this morning on ESPN 1000, WMVP in Chicago was heard saying [Yogi will paraphrase], "You can see the mold on the Brewers. The fight may just be what the Cubs need to catch fire."  Or something to that effect.


Tim. Expert.

How about Rick Telander a bit later on the same station, [Yogi again paraphrases] "Of course the Brewers won’t last! It will be the Cubs or the dangerous Cardinals at the end of the season." Or something to that effect.

Whatever, Rick.

Rick. Expert.

And how about this Die-Hard, heard on WSCR 670, The Score, "The fight may just be what the Cubs need to turn everything around."



The Cubs Are So Gonna’ Catch Fire Now That They Are Starting To Beat Each Other Up In The Clubhouse!


Back away from the Kool-Aid, son.

Allow me.

All of the Cub apologists and Die-Hards need to put down the Kool-Aid for a moment and instead pour themselves a big tall glass of Shut The Heck Up and Realize That Your Team Stinks and The Brewers Are For Real Juice!

Just sayin’.

Why do these experts predicate everything they say on the belief that the Brewers are going to fold?


The Brewers have the top first base and shortstop hitting combo in baseball, the top closer, decent starting pitching, and a platoon system of talented players?


Wishful Thinking?

Or is it Something Else?



Cubs Fans.

It’s a Disease.

And there is no Cure.

But there are Treatments.

And I’m told they work Wonders.


This’ll Treat What Ails Ya’!

Just sayin, again.