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Yogi is Back! In Wyoming! And More!

Dear Readers, Friends, and Fellow Campers!

Your pal Yogi is back!

As the song says, "What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been!"


Tonight I come to you from Casper, Wyoming!



Why Casper, Yogi?

Good question.

For those of you who might remember last year at the 2007 Brewers Fantasy Camp, I spoke of moving to Jackson, WY some time later in the year.

As it turns out, everything got topsy-turvy, not the least of which was the car accident in July, which I might add, still has me on the disabled list.

In August, I received a cold-call from a recruiter who asked me if I might be interested in helping out the good folks at the Wyoming Medical Center in their development and staffing of a growing regional stroke center.


Wyoming Medical Center

After just a few weeks, your pal, Best Friend, and eventually the Beautiful Butterfly were all living and working in the rugged splendor that is Wyoming!

More on this later.

For now, it’s great to be back!

Baseball is just around the corner!

So much has happened: Red-Sox are Champs! Bonds Indicted! (Yogi called it, thank you.) Gange, Derrick, and Coleman all Juiced! 

And So Much More!


On Monday Fantasy Camp 2008 begins. I hope to have some photos and stories to share with you.

In any case.

Sit back.



It’s time again for Baseball.

Just sayin’.


A Look At Brewers Blogs!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Let’s take a look at what’s going on in the world of the Brewers Blogs.


There’s some good stuff over at Brewer Nation, I especially liked the photos of Big Rygg on his tour of Miller Park. I have got to do that.

Then there’s Steve Dempsey at My Brewers. Steve got a shout-out for his 28th birthday from BA.
Nice! His blog has lots of cool video and audio stuff. Check it out!

There are some other Brewers Blogs, including ones by BA and Geoff Jenkins, but most aren’t updated that often so I tend to stick with B-Nation and My Brewers.

Just sayin’.

And yes, it’s good to be a Brewers Fan!



Who’s Talking Brewers!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Welcome Back to Your Favorite Brewers Blog!

Let’s See Who’s Talking Brewers!


If you haven’t yet checked it out, go visit Steve at My Brewers.

Steve is a real Brewers Fan and his site is filled with a lot of "Inside Baseball" stuff, and he’s a wizard with embedded audio and video!

Also, go see Big Rygg and South Side Rob at Brewer Nation.

Brewer Nation is very "Inside Baseball" and it’s a good place to read the occasional (or frequent) Fan rant!


And if you want to know EVERYTHING about the Brewers, check out Brew Crew Ball by Jeff.


This guy loves the Brew Crew.


And lastly, From The Uecker Seats by Kevin and Kyle.

A couple of guys who know and love their Brewers!

And don’t forget to check out Yogi’s Book Corner!

That oughta’ keep you busy!


Brewers Blogfest!

Brewers Fans!

Some housekeeping:

First, there will be More on Brewers Fantasy Camp.

Much More.

I promise.

And you won’t be disappointed.

But you really need to check out Steve’s blog: MyBrewersBlog

It’s quite an achievement!

Also, not that he needed any advertising, but be sure to visit Geoff Jenkins blog: Jenks Joint.

I hope it’s something that he continues (something tells me he will.)

And then there’s this: Brewer Nation

Hosted by Big Rygg and South SIde Rob.

Great job everyone!