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2008 All Star Game! PLUS: Yogi on Yogi!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Today, at Yankee Stadium the logo for the 2008 Major League All Star Game was unveiled.




And yes, your pal Yogi is already working on finding a way to get to the Game.

Just sayin’.

And speaking of Yogi, here’s the O.Y. (original Yogi):


And again:

A Baseball Giant.

See You in The Bronx!


Tee Ball! It Really Must Be Harder Than It Looks!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Welcome Back to Your Favorite Brewers Blog!


And now a word from our sponsors.

Just kidding.

One of the funniest parts of the All-Star Game was a pre-game promotion that you may or may not have seen. I’m guessing it was televised on the pre-game show.

I can’t recall the who the sponsor was (MasterCard?) but the promotion involved a fan reportedly chosen at random (I doubt this) who was given the chance to win $1 Million Dollars if he could a baseball off of a tee 280 feet.

280 feet.


Actually, all this guy had to do was hit the ball 210 feet for $150,000.

Heck, if he hit it 250 he got $250,000 or some such thing.

I turned to the Beautiful Butterfly, "This must be some kind of joke." "He has to hit the ball at least 250 feet."

Little did I know.

Your pal Yogi bought a tee last summer as part of my self-taught baseball school. I took my nephew with me to a nearby park. My nephew is a big strong kid who last played baseball when he was 10, he was 22 at the time.

He routinely hit the ball over the 340 foot fence.


I hit the ball to the fence a couple of times but easily hit the ball 280 feet.

Given the chance now, I’m sure I could hit it 340 feet (True Story: I one-hopped the fence last year at Fantasy Camp.)

Back to this guy.

First swing: 3 feet.


OK, he was nervous.

Second swing: 10 feet.

OK, still nervous.


Third swing: 100 feet.

You do the Math.

Yogi, laughing: "Has this guy ever swung a bat before?"

Beer Vendor, laughing: "This is San Francisco."

He said it, not me.

Just sayin’.

All-Star Highlights! The Show! PLUS: Celebrity Sightings! UPDATED!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Welcome Back to Your Favorite Brewers Blog!

About Last Night.



When Ichiro hit the ball into the gap in the fifth inning, the crowd which had been mostly silent all game, save for each time Barry Bonds was at bat and when Ken Griffey, Jr. threw Alex Rodriguez out at the plate, began to buzz when it became apparent that Junior was not going to get close to it.

And then the ball bounced off the wall and caromed behind Junior.

The crowd rose to its feet.

Ichiro started to run.


And then the crowd went crazy.

He’s going to score!

And he did.


Carl Crawford.

I don’t know much about him, but he seems like he’s got real talent.

And he laced Coco’s pitch into right field.

The Big Show.


I know Jose Reyes went 3-4 but was it really necessary for him to play eight innings?

Is Reyes really that much better than JJ Hardy?

Yes, Tony LaRussa played Ben Sheets and Prince Fielder and even let A Man Called Coco into the game, but I think he could have let hardy play in the seventh or eighth inning and get a second at bat.

My take.

LaRussa wanted it to stick it to Hardy.

Plain and simple.

Want more proof of the kind of manager LaRussa is?

"I was ready," said Pujols. "I was born ready Maybe he wanted to play
the other guys and maybe he didn’t want to leave the other guys out.
Maybe if he would have played me and left another guy out, they would
have said, ‘Why did he play Albert instead of the other guy?’

"I was loose and ready to go. Maybe he was saving me for next year’s All-Star Game."

In response, the "In America" brush-off non-response, response:

"If he wants to get upset, he can get upset," La Russa said. "Whatever he
wants to do, he can do. It’s America. That wasn’t the most important thing

With friends like that.

And today, the backtrack.

“Of course I was disappointed I didn’t get in the game, but it’s not a
big deal,” Pujols said after listening to various accounts alleging
decay in his relationship with La Russa. “People are making a big deal
about it, saying I don’t respect Tony or that he disrespected me. Are
you kidding?”


Celebrity Sightings!

Your pal Yogi said "Hi" to them all!

Ryan Howard! (Didn’t have time to take a picture with me.)


Jack McDowell (Looks good.)


Paula Cole (at the Starbucks this morning!)(She sang God Bless America at the ASG!)


The funny thing about the celebrity sightings was that in each case, Ryan, Jack, and Paula, was in public (Ryan and Jack in the stands at AT&T during the ASG) and Paula at Starbucks, and NO ONE noticed them or said "Hi" or anything.

In the case of Ryan Howard, he appeared to be with his family, Mom, Dad, brother, son, (I’m guessing) and I NEVER before have asked a celebrity for a photo, but in this case I was thinking of my Loyal Readers and thought it might be fun, so I asked.

Anyway, Ryan was cool, but he was with his family and he said he was leaving to catch a plane, so I left it at that.

Your pal Yogi, working for YOU!…

More later.

Until then…



The Time is Now! PLUS: An Upgrade!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

We’re Here!


What a day.

Butterfly and I were originally going to be sitting behind home plate with G. and Moonshine but when they had to return to The Hole, our seats changed, too.

Section 311, Row 11, Seats 22 and 23!

It is going to be Awesome!


We are just so incredibly happy to be here.

And also incredible is our room.

We got upgraded to a suite.


It’s smokin’ hot, actually.

Pics to follow.

Well, we gotta’ go.

It’s almost game time!

Until then…


It Begins! AND An Adventure!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Welcome Back to Your Favorite Brewers Blog!

And so it begins!

As you know, last week was filled with all sorts of comedy and errors, intrigue, near- and not-so-near misses, crashes, hospitalizations, cancellations, and drama.

Are you exhausted?

Me too, then.

But your pal Yogi, the Beautiful Butterfly, The Best Friend, and all the others made it through the week intact and grateful.


Today, like so many travel days, began with an 04:15 wake-up call.

The Best Friend was not so enthused as he typically likes to sleep in a bit, and besides, he rarely, if ever, has to leave the house when I do.

But today, The Best Friend, despite wanting nothing more than to stay sleepers on his big comfortable bed, got in the car and was off for a four-day visit with The Sweet n’ Sours.

He’s not The Best Friend for nothing.

Now you may not know this, but your pal Yogi is an experienced traveler, having flown well over 600,000 miles in the last 7 years.

Also True.

After getting The Best Friend settled in I was off to the airport at 06:15 for an 08:00 flight to San Francisco.

The drive was pleasant, little if any traffic, plenty of parking, and a short wait through the Priority Security Line at ORD.


Piece of Cake.

And then the Adventure Began!

What would life be without Adventure?


My flight, like all the flights today, was overbooked and volunteers were sought to give up their seats in exchange for a free-flight coupon and a seat on the next flight.

Sounded fair.

Even though I am in the airport seemingly every week, I rarely, if ever, swap my seat.

But today I thought, “Sure, why not?”  Butterfly and I are going to The Hole next month to visit G. and L’il Miss Moonshine and a free-flight might be nice.

So I did it.

Did I ever.

I was given a seat on the 10:00 to SFO (and was awaiting an Upgrade to First Class) when I received a call at 08:13 from the airline with an ominous automated message.

Rut Roh.

The 10:00 flight would not depart until 14:30 (at best) and was on indefinite HOLD for a mechanical problem.

Doing the Math (I’m good like that), I get into SFO at 17:00 at best, it’s rush hour, and guess what? Butterfly and I miss the All-Star Game.

Not good.


I jumped out of my seat (literally) and ran to the customer service representative.

“Please, please, please, get me to San Francisco.” “San Diego, Las Vegas, Denver, San Jose, Oakland, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, anything, please, I simply cannot miss the All-Star Game.”

Let it be told that I had several things working in my favor:

I apparently was the first of the 250+ passengers that got news of the flight cancellation.

I pleaded with the Nice Lady and told her that I knew she could fix things for me and made sure she knew what a great job she was doing.

I have high status given my 100,000/year travel.

So far, so good.

“It doesn’t look good,” the Nice Lady said.

“Nothing?” I asked.

Have you ever gotten one of those looks? Lips held tightly together and tucked in as if to play the trumpet, sympathetic yet furrowed brow?

“It doesn’t look good,” she repeated. “Have a seat, I’ll call you if something opens up.”


That wasn’t the answer I was looking for.

Trying to remain calm I called Butterfly.

“No!” she cried.

Rut Roh, again.

Dear Readers, your pal Yogi may be many things, but he is calm under pressure.


Today, however, I felt that composure leaving.





And then it happened.

The Nice Lady called my name.

I returned to her desk.

A (very) long line of unhappy faces talking into their cell phones had now formed.

Apparently they got the news, too.

“I can get you to LAX, and then LAX to SFO, you’ll get in around 2:30.”

I    LOVE           YOU    NICE          LADY

Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon?

I have flown over it many times.

But today, it has never looked more beautiful.

Thank you, Nice Lady.


Really, really.

More later.

Until then…

Be well.

Special Thanks! Above and Beyond! It Begins!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Can you believe it?

Tomorrow your pal Yogi is leaving for San Francisco!

But before I say another thing, I have give Props to my man:


Have you ever known someone who went the extra mile?

I mean really went the extra mile, when he didn’t have to, but did more than anyone could have reasonably expected?

That’s G.

He did it.

He found a way to get us there.

And right up until the last minute, he and L’il Miss Moonshine were going to join us at the Game.

But duty called and he had to go back to The Hole.


It is, therefore, in some ways bittersweet to go to the Game without G. and Moonshine, but go we must.

So thanks, G.

You da’ Man.


Really, really.

And So It Begins.

The trip to San Francisco and the All Star Game!


Thanks again G.

Dreams do come true.

More Later.

Until Then…

Be well.


Yogi is Back! A Miracle Happened! PLUS: Next Week Is Almost Here!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Your pal Yogi is Back!

This has been one strange week.

Canceled Flights.

Computer Crashes.

Multiple Medical Emergencies.


Flat tires.

And then today, to top it off, I was rear-ended and my car was near totaled.

Thankfully, all of the medical emergencies resolved as well as possibly could be expected and everyone is home from the hospital.

Alternative flights were obtained and everyone gto to where they were going safely.

And I was able to walk away from the crash site as was everyone else involved in today’s three-car crash, including two small children.

In all honesty, it was a Miracle no one was more seriously hurt.


So this weekend I am going to lie low, watch baseball, catch-up on the yard and other administrative tasks, ’cause on Tuesday I head back to San Francisco.

Need I remind you?


It’s Gonna Be Great!

More Later.

Until then…

Be well.