Brewers Lose. 3-1 Can’t Score When It Counts. Another Late Inning Collapse.

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

So close and yet so far away.



The Brewers again played a close game only to lose it in the 8th.

Baserunners but no runs.

Picked off.

Thrown out. 


Then it was David Riske’s turn to let up two runs with two outs in the top of the 8th.

Riske Business.jpg

Riske Business!

Two-Out Walk.


Repeat after me.


Unlike the Red Sox (who are the best team in baseball right now) when the Brewers are down you don’t ever seem to think, “Oh heck, they’ll come back.”

When the Red Sox are down 2 runs, all they need is one baserunner and as long as Big Papi or Manny is up to bat, the game feels likely that it’s going to be tied with one swing.


And alack.

On the positive side: Ryan Braun continues to prove that he is FOR REAL, today going 3-4 with the Brewers only run. Bill Hall went 3-4, too.

On the negative side: Gabe Kapler, 0-4, with 4 LOB.


That, and Riske’s inability to finish what he started.

Thumbnail image for buckle-up.gif

Just sayin’.




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