Ned Yost – Mensch

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

By now you know that your pal Yogi has been critical of Derrick Turnbow’s performance at times, as well as that of Ned Yost.

But I have never criticized Derrick Turnbow or Ned Yost, the person.

I have never met Ned but have said “Hi” to Derrick a few times.

Bill Schroeder (Rock) has told me that most everyone who knows Derrick thinks that he’s a great young man and I have no reason to doubt that.

I am saying all of this because the insular and idiosyncratic world that is Yogi Brewer is not meant to be taken too seriously.

Tonight I am reminded of this after reading this from Tom Haudricourt at


As one might imagine from a guy who has been a punching bag for the fans for a long time, Turnbow was quite emotional after the game.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Turnbow. “It’s been a long time. I always hoped one day I’d get another chance to get back out there with another save opportunity. I wanted to see what it felt like again.

“There are a lot of emotions going through me right now. I’m both relieved and excited. A mix of everything. I couldn’t believe I got a save. I can’t really describe it.

Everybody who covers the team knows what a great guy Turnbow is. That’s what manager Ned Yost also was a bit emotional after the game, seeing something good finally happen for the big guy.

“He’s a wonderful, stand-up young man,” said Yost. “Yes, I feel at times people are too hard on him, for no reason.

“I have faith in him. As long as I have faith in him, he has nothing to worry about.”



Ned Yost, a real mensch.

I love this team.

Really, I do.



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