MLB Extra Innings! Get With It!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!


MLB Extra Iinninga.gif

My friends, if you don’t have the MLB Extra Innings Package, and if you can afford it, get it.


Last year I had both the cable and package. This year I only have the cable because I don’t travel like I used to.

Still, it is awesome.

It is amazing to be able to watch virtually every game of every team. In truth you don’t get every gam eo r team, but it sure comes close.

The Beautiful Butterfly is a hig Red Sox fan and we have been watching the Boston games almost every nioht. And believe me, they are playing great baseball and it’s been fun to watch.

Butterfly also love the San Francisco Giants. Um, not as much fun to watch, but I love being able to see so many of the teams in the National League.

That, and you get to hear all of the different broadcasters.

For my money, Rock and BA really do a great job. They are funny, they have great energy, they know the game and the Brewers players, and most importantly, they seem to like each other and are happy to be there.


The Big Mac thing in the booth the other night really cracked us up.

Get With It!








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