Brewers Sweep Gigantes! – Sheets Wins 6-2! – Hall Leads Crew With Slam 7-5! PLUS: Super Fantastic Special Musical Tribute!

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How About Them Brewers!

Sweep Baby.

Paging Ms. Bonnie Brewer!

Clean Sweep!

The Brewers dispensed with the Gigantes handily, but give credit where credit is due, San Francisco played tough and made the Brewers earn each victory.

Each of the wins was a complete Team effort, but I want to highlight two players:

First, Ben Sheets.


Sheets plays with such great intensity and even more poise that he elevates the entire team every time he takes the hill.

Although there is no doubt that this Brewers team looks up to and needs their veterans, Sheets seems to be the Go-To-Guy and defacto leader of this team.

And the other player that means so much to this team is Bill Hall.

Welcome Back Bill!

Hall is playing increasingly impressive center field. More importantly Hall is standing tall and patiently in the batter’s box, swinging with confidence and authority, and is now putting up SuperStar numbers, the kind for which everyone has been waiting.

WIth both Hall and Prince Fielder hitting well, there is little doubt that the Brewers will continue to win.


The Beautiful Butterfly (who by the way is a life-long Gigantes fan) asked me why is there so much emnity of B*rry B*nds?

Why does the fans’ disapproval of him seem to be so disproportionate as compared to that of the other so-called, or suspected "cheaters?"


No Love Lost.

Butterfly’s question is a good one and follows what I wrote about earlier.

I don’t have a quick answer at the ready, but I will meditate on this and get back to you.

You have my word.


In news that you can’t make up, Michael Barrett was traded today to the San Diego Padres for back-up catcher Rob Bowen, a six-pack, and some chewing-gum.

I watched and listened to some of the Cubs-Rangers game and was surprised to hear both the Cubs TV and Radio broadcasters make apologies to the fans for the trade.

As Rock said tonight, the Cubs "chose Zambrano."

End of Story.

And something that will make the Grammie happy, Sammy Sosa hit home run # 600!

Sosa was (and is) a strange guy, a tireless self-serving narcissist, who was not well liked in Chicago by his teammates but was slavishly doted upon by the fans, even though he used a corked bat and was suspected to have used steroids/HGH.

Now it seems that Cubs fans hate him (imagine that) and most of the League cares little for the "monumental" achievement.

Go figure.

And in late-breaking news, Mr. Creamy Goodness, Jason Giambi, has reportedly agreed in principle to meet with the Office of the Commish.

Stay Tuned.

For tonight’s Fantastic Musical Tribute, I found something Special.

In Honor of the Sweep.

Something that is Guaranteed to Rock You!

It Will Blow Your Mind!

Totally Amped!


Balls to the Walls!

Many Imitators.

But Only One.

ZZ Top!

To Be Played At Maximum Volume!





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