Giambi! Pickles! Kerfuffle! Jeff Passan Reads Yogi Brewer!

It appears that Yahoo!’s Jeff Passan reads Yogi Brewer!

You may have heard that in the last week Mr. Creamy Goodness has found himself in a bit of a pickle.



It seems that the Office of the Commish has reportedly told Jason Giambi that he must speak with George Mitchell or he will face suspension.

Now Loyal Readers, you know how I feel about the use of steroids and their cover-up by Baseball. But in this case, I think this is madness.

Giambi certainly made himself vulnerable to the increased scrutiny of the Bud by saying he used "that stuff,’ but to put him in a lose-lose bind when no one else has been forced to testify and noting that Sen. Mitchell does not have subpoena power seems wrong.

In writing about the Bud’s difficult but necessary choices in the Jason Giambi kerfuffle Passan says this:

"Discipline for wrongdoing is important," you [the Bud] said recently, "but it is
also important to create an environment so players can feel free to
honestly and completely cooperate with this important investigation."

Maintaining such a balance is harrowing, and it’s easy to criticize
your missteps. Yet at this point, you can afford no more. The most
honest part of your letter was also the most difficult to stomach:
"(T)here will always be a few players who seek new ways to violate the
rules, no matter how many we have and how often we toughen them."

Given that, the search for definitive answers about the past deserves a
bold, clear plan and not the playground harassment Giambi faces.

So reach out to past users with the promise of forgiveness, not looming
suspension. If it takes amnesty, so be it. Spare them the indignity of
harboring this secret the rest of their lives.

The matter at hand now requires the move to Amnesty. This is, I believe, the only way out for Giambi, the Players Union as a whole, as well as for the Bud to create an environment so players can feel free to
honestly and completely cooperate with this important investigation.

No Amnesty=No Investigation

It’s just that simple.

And it’s time.

Are you listening Mr. Commissioner?


I think he is starting to.



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