Brewers Win 6-5! Great Comeback After No-No! Where’s Coco? PLUS: Fantastic Tributes!

Dear Friends, Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Yogi’s Back!

Coming to you from my home that is not my home, The Monterey Peninsula.

Picture Perfect.

What can I say, the last three days we have seen it all.

The Good.

The Bad.

And the Ugly.

This morning Butterfly and I had breakfast in beautiful Carmel by-the-Sea

Where The Ocean Meets The Land

Here I ran into an old aquaintance, someone I know you know and love, and someone who has what it takes to tell us about the goings-on of our beloved Brewers.

Here he is, Academy Award Winner, Former Mayor, a man who needs no introduction, a Brewers Fan Par-Excellence…



The Good: The Brewers took 2-of-3 games against the vaunted Tiger, who were at the top of "Baseball’s Toughest Division", the American League Central, winning yesterday and today after a potentially humiliating loss on Tuesday. Each of the wins was a team win, where everybody seemed to contribute at some point.

The Bad:
Francisco Cordero got hit today for two Ernies again in the ninth inning. Amazingly, A Man Called Coco never seems to be behind a hitter, yet for reasons unknown, the opposition has found a way to get to him.

The Ugly: Tuesday saw the first No-No at home for the Tiger since 1953 (or something.) At that time Greg Gross was 1-for-his-last-20 and Bill Hall was 2-for-his-last-22 (or something). It’s one thing for a guy to throw 101 mph and mix that with great location, sliders, and sick off-speed stuff, it’s another thing completely when your team goes into such a game already completely s*cking air.

Thanks Blondie!

As far as the No-No goes, one must tip the cap to Justin Verlander.

Well Done.

But hey.

What’s up with this?

When did ballplayers start having their girlfriends run on to the field after a game?

Are wives, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, Grandparents, kids invited too?

And is just after throwing a no-hitter that it’s cool to come on the field?

How about after a walk-off?

Or just getting the last out?


I didn’t get the memo.

Just sayin’.

And yesterday saw the return of player you may remember, a fine young center fielder who is making great defensive plays but who of late had been relegated to batting 10th.

I give you, Bill Hall!

Welcome Back Bill!

And thanks for the two-run dinger on Wednesday which proved to be the game winner!

Feel free to stay as long as you like!

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Mr. 1000!

Way To Go Ben!

Ben Sheets is only the second player in Brewers franchise history to record 1000 stikeouts and today he improved his record to 7-3!

Sheets is having a great year providing the team with great pitching as well as leadership, demonstrating tremendous poise and confidence, much needed when the team had been slumping.

For all of the "experts" who yammer on endlessly about how tough is the American League Central and how bad is the National League Central, this week’s series showed that the Brewers can play tough and can be as good as any team, on any given day.

As we all know the true test and ultimately the mark of a championship team is being able to play consistently well over an entire season.

I hate to sound like a broken record but I do not see the Brewers folding.

Yes, I do worry about Coco.

Maybe going back to Texas did some harm.

Who knows?

But there is enough talent on this team, on the mound, at bat, and in the field to keep winning, or at least win enough to make it to the playoffs.

That’s been my position and I’m sticking to it.

Bring on the Twinkies!

Because of there having been several days of baseball without your pal Yogi commenting here at Yogi Brewer, I feel obliged to give you more than just the usual Fantastic Musical Tribute!

Much More.

It’s No Joke!


And Now, Your Fantastic Musical Tribute!

All the way from New York City!

Going Way Back!

An Innovator!

The Beautiful!

The Bold!


A True Original!

More later.

Much More.

Until then…



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