Brewers Win! 9-6! Coco Blows Another One! A Million Hits! 10 Gazillion Left On! ODDS and ENDS! PLUS: A Fantastic Musical Tribute!

Loyal Readers and Brewers Fans!

Welcome Back to Your Favorite Brewers Blog!

Dear Friends, how can your pal Yogi console you?

Ugly. Bad.

After four innings the Brewers collected 8 hits and had left 8 on-base and scored 0 runs.

After 11 innings the Brewers had 20 hits, 20! and 17 LOB!

Yes, the Brewers Won.

And a Win is a Win is a Win.

But this one was scary.

Real Scary!


Some Not-So-High-Lights:

Top of the First inning: Runners on first and third, nobody out.

End of One: 2 LOB.

And so it went.

Just like that the Brewers managed to let yet another Texas starter with an ERA over 6 off the hook.

And it wasn’t just poor run production, but poor play in the field as well that hurt the Crew.

Errors by Dave Bush and Ryan Braun both led to runs.


Come on People!

And before any of you Brew-Fans forget, the Brewers were in danger of being swept by the Texas Rangers.

The Texas Rangers!

The 23-39 Texas Rangers!

Prince Fielder hit number 23 and Craig Counsell went deep, too!

There It Goes Again!

A Man Called Coco again had the Rangers down to their last strike and he blew it.

He blew it.

I do not believe in Luck.

But I do believe in Trends.

And I do not like this trend.

Yes, Geoff Jenkins managed to hit a 3-run dinger in the top of the 12th and for that we are relieved.

Better Late Than Never.

But overall, the Brewers lost their Ninth series in a row.

Did I mention that the Brewers are on their way to play the dreaded
Tiger and then the Twinkies who handed the Brewers their *sses the last
time they played.



OOOH! Pretty Scary! Eh Kids!

It’s on to Detroit!


Great News!

Mr. Baseball, himself, Bob Uecker reads Yogi Brewer!

Jim Powell was saying that Uecker was commenting on how skinny Sammy Sosa looked.

Well, Duh!

Heck, I got the pictures right here to prove it!

Just sayin’.

And did I mention Bill Hall?

Is it time for him to bat 10th again?

Hall struck out FOUR times, twice called out looking and from the sound of it Hall had no idea what was a ball and what was a strike.

Yes, Hall made a great catch but where is his bat?


Yogi is not sayin’.

Just sayin’, again.

Good on the Rangers.

Last night they had Army paratroopers land on the field before the game and tonight there were beautiful renditions of The National Anthem and God Bless America, with the PA announcer mentioning the troops at home and overseas.

Well done.

Last night I wrote that I thought Josh Lewin was a dud.

Um, I got some flack for that and one reader, Steve M. thought I would like Lewin. I’ll say this, I listened to Eric Nadel (as the game was not available on TV or on the computer) and I thought he did a nice job.

Good Enough.

Edgar Renteria was hit by a Ted Lilly pitch in the first inning of tonight’s Cubs-Braves game. The benches cleared. Lilly was thrown out and Renteria, well, he sent a message to the Cubs.

Message Received.

Braves won 5-4 over the Cubs!

And Yes!

It’s Time for a Fantastic Musical Tribute!

This one was hard to choose, buy hey, your pal Yogi is there for you.

A Man who can Bring It!

A Man who wants to Stay Together!

The Very Reverend...

Al Green!

Preach It Brother!

Get Him Started and You Can Just Feel The Spirit!





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